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client quote

Thomas E. Skains, Piedmont Natural Gas Chairman, President and CEO

Creating the Piedmont Pride high-performance culture to improve performance

Since Piedmont entered into a relationship with Senn Delaney to focus on the cultural health and transformation of our organization, over the nine years that I've been CEO, we have doubled our asset base. We have increased by 100 percent the value of our market capitalization, the total value of the equity investors in our company, and we've delivered total shareholder returns over that nine-year period of 161 percent compared to 147 percent for the median of our peer group and about 69 percent for the S&P 500.

This financial performance would not be possible without the transformational shift that we've embarked on for a healthy, high-performance culture. You can't get those kinds of financial results without the teammates across the company pulling together in a healthy way that's focused on high performance.

Watch short video conversation with Thomas E. Skains about the positive impact of creating the Piedmont Pride culture

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