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Orange County Register features Senn Delaney

Interview with Senn Delaney CEO Jim Hart and Founder Larry Senn examines how cultures are shaped

February 11, 2013
Orange County Register writer Kevin Sablan recently interviewed Senn Delaney President and CEO Jim Hart and Chairman Larry Senn on how organizational cultures are changed. The article, Culture Change Starts with the CEO, was published Feb. 11, 2013.

As businesses grow or grapple with financial upheavals, they launch new initiatives, update their tools and make organizational changes. But those changes don't always sit well with employees at companies with long-established ways of doing business.

"Shaping an culture means changing the way people think, their habits and the way they behave with each other and with their total stakeholder community," says Jim Hart, CEO of Senn Delaney Leadership Consulting in Huntington Beach. Hart's firm has been in the business of transforming workplace cultures for large corporations since 1978. In December, however, a Chicago-based executive-search company, Heidrick & Struggles, bought the firm. Members of Hart's team recently found themselves, for the first time, in the position of adapting to new leadership. Senn Delaney employees recently met executives of their new parent company at an annual company meeting. After the gathering, Hart and company founder Larry Senn talked with the Register about what it means to change corporate culture and how leaders can make it happen.

Read the full interview: Culture Change Starts With The CEO 
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