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Ron Hilton, Staffordshire County Council Chief Executive

Creating a high-performance culture improves ratings, fiscal health and programme delivery

Staffordshire County Council was a large, very safe, very solid, but very slow and ponderous organi zation. Senn Delaney partnered with the council leaders to create a high-performance culture. We defined the values that guide us to be a well-managed council to deliver more and better for less to the 825,000 citizens we serve: Focus, pace, delivery, trust, doing more and better with less, and passion.

We were very clear on what we had to do. In doing so, performance shot through the roof. The council moved up the national performance tables into the top 10 percent of local authorities for improving performance. For the third year, our revenue accounts will balance. On the capital investment side, we've probably tripled the size of our program delivery. The transformation has been remarkable. If we are successful at doing what we do within local government in England, it's not just about adding to our profit line; it's because we've actually made a difference to people in the community.

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