“It is uplifting and encouraging to see the positive impact on individuals and organizations when they create their desired culture and adopt those behaviors that will achieve their goals.”

meet Peter

Peter Mahony

Senior Consultant

Senn Delaney consultant Peter Mahony is experienced in working with organiz ations to accomplish cultural transformation to meet changing business needs and strategies. He recognizes the global nature of behavioral challenges arising from diverse conditions, such as downsizing, increased competition, political change and market movements. Peter knows how to help effective leaders tap into individuals' innate wisdom to create energetic, committed teams capable of overcoming setbacks and succeeding.

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Peter has worked with many Senn Delaney clients, including BG Transco, London Electricity, Ford, Land Rover, Airbus UK, Morgan Stanley, Energis, Frito-Lay Europe and GlaxoSmithKline. He enjoys working with clients to create healthy, high-performance teams and transferring his knowledge of effective culture-shaping practices to internal change champions.

Peter is a retired chartered engineer. Before joining Senn Delaney, Peter worked as an engineer and senior manager at British Gas for almost 30 years. During his career at British Gas, the company went through many changes; it moved from being a state-owned, fully integrated monolith through privatization, punitive regulation, repeated internal restructuring and, finally, a break up into separate companies. Peter was part of the leadership team that successfully moved British Gas from a monopoly into a competitive environment.

He and his wife, Clare, live with their two young daughters in Warwickshire in the UK. They enjoy family life, socializing, country walking and excursions. Peter is also a keen vintage motorcycle restorer and rider.
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