reintroducing senn delaney

Senn Delaney has a vibrant new brand identity

October 23, 2008

Senn Delaney has introduced a vibrant new brand identity, including a new Web site. Senn Delaney President and CEO Jim Hart said the new logo and the bold and contemporary new look of the Web site and client materials reflect new energy and offerings from the firm.

“We've changed a lot as a company and in what we now offer to clients, so we decided it was time to reintroduce ourselves. Our vibrant new brand identity better captures who we are today: an international culture-shaping firm, 30 years young, steeped in a distinguished history, but energetic and always looking forward.”

The company name also changed from Senn Delaney Leadership Consulting to Senn Delaney singular focus on organizational culture transformation.

Senn Delaney Chairman and Founder Larry Senn notes that when the company was founded 30 years ago, it was the first firm in the world to focus exclusively on organizational culture shaping. “During three decades of working with our clients, we've defined culture shaping and refined it. We continue doing what we guide others to do: embrace change, grow and evolve.” He said the new image better reflects how clients experience Senn Delaney: experienced competent and purposeful, and at the same time friendly, authentic, human and caring.

Dustin Seale, Partner and Managing Director EMEA, said that the most important aspect of the new brand identity is that it aligns with what clients experience in their daily interactions with the company. “Clients can expect that we will partner with them and measurably change the culture of their organization in a way that has a positive impact through improved business results.”

Among the changes at Senn Delaney:

Senn Delaney continually raises the bar in culture shaping through collaborative research with prominent schools of business and by continually refining its work with CEOs and their top leaders. The company has developed a comprehensive, proven, repeatable process that creates the alignment, collaboration and high-performance behaviors needed to best execute strategies, major initiatives and exceed goals. It has also invested in its technology, infrastructure and comprehensive content to better support the culture-shaping process. Enhancements include:

  • a more comprehensive, insight-based approach to changing behaviors and thinking

  • a new and enhanced instruments to measure progress against benchmarks

  • more robust application and reinforcement elements

The lion continues to be a cornerstone of Senn Delaney's image

The Senn Delaney logo has changed more than once, but for many years it has featured a lion with a heart. The lion symbol is internationally recognized. The new logo builds on that strong heritage and uses several elements as intentional connections to Senn Delaney's work.

The lion is a symbol of boldness and courage. The heart represents the uplifting spirit we bring clients. In the new logo, the heart is more prominent.

The lion sits on four squares:

  • Dark blue represents our legacy — stability and strength.

  • Burgundy speaks to caring and compassion.

  • Gold signifies vision or hope.

  • Light blue represents imagination and thought.

The lion connects the squares, just as a healthy culture unites individuals and teams to work toward a common purpose.
Culture Drives Performance Image