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Dr. Narendra Kini, Miami Children's Hospital CEO

The MCH Way: Improving patient, physician and employee satisfaction and preparing the institution for digital transformation

When I came to Miami Children's Hospital, I was charged with building a digital transformation that would bring our processes into the 21st century. It was obvious to me that you need to change culture before you change any process or the resistance will be too great.

I wanted a methodical, integrated and scalable approach to build alignment and rapport among physicians and executives, which was low, increase collaboration across boundaries and teams, and heighten accountability. My previous experience with Senn Delaney convinced me that it was probably the best approach that could be scaled up easily to a few thousand people. The result was The MCH Way, our culture of values and guiding behaviors needed for the future.

We have seen significant improvement in our medical staff satisfaction, from the fifth percentile, one of the lowest in the country, to 94%. A staggering change. We have seen a very significant improvement in patient satisfaction and we have seen an increase in employee engagement.

There is a renewed enthusiasm. There is a sense that we are on a very steep incline. We used to think of ourselves as a great community hospital. We are now beginning to think of ourselves as a top-tier children's hospital. And that belief is absolutely one of the primary drivers of change. It's been a rather profound journey.

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