"Through leadership and a shared commitment, my vision is to support others to realize their full potential by tapping into their innate wisdom to make a positive difference in the world."

Margee Infante

Director of Consultant Development

With decades of managerial, organizational and strategic expertise in various client leadership positions at Senn Delaney, Margee Infante brings a global perspective to her role as director of consultant development.


She works to ensure that consultants are fully grounded in Senn Delaney’s purpose, strategy, process and culture, enabling them to seamlessly offer all systems, products and services to our global clients in multiple languages and within the appropriatecultural context needed. This involves setting strategic direction as well as creating a global Win as One Team mindset.



Previously, Margee was the global account manager from 2011 to 2016. She was a member of the EMEA Executive Leadership Team, and spent a year in London to gain a more global perspective on client engagements and evolving needs. Margee also played a key role in the strategic planning and execution of global client engagements.


 She previously served as director of the client services  managers team, leading the strategic planning and  execution of client engagements and guiding the team's  growth and development to enable them to create a flawless experience for all Senn Delaney clients.



Margee has also facilitated customized sessions for key engagements, helping clients achieve the business transformation they desire through deepening their understanding of the effectiveness of healthy, high-performance teams and organizations.


Clients she has worked with include Thomson Reuters, Passport Health, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Children’s Hospital Wisconsin, Miami Children’s Hospital, Paychex, Commerce Bank, and Atmos Energy,

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