"Through leadership and a shared commitment, my vision is to support others to realize their full potential by tapping into their innate wisdom to make a positive difference in the world."

Margee Infante

Global Account Manager

With decades of managerial, organizational and strategic expertise in various client leadership positions at Senn Delaney, Margee Infante brings a broad and truly global perspective to her strategic role as global account manager.

The primary driver of her role is to lead Senn Delaney's global strategy team, enabling the firm to seamlessly offer all systems, products and client services to global clients in multiple languages and within the appropriate cultural context needed. This involves setting strategic direction as well as creating a truly global mindset with a “One Senn Delaney” team.

When she took on this newly created role in 2011, Margee spent a year in London with the EMEA team to gain a more global perspective on client engagements and evolving needs. Margee also plays a key role in the strategic planning and execution of global client engagements. A member of the EMEA Executive Leadership Team, Margee is located in California, but she travels regularly to Europe to work with the EMEA team and works remotely with clients and the EMEA team on a weekly basis as global account manager.

She previously served as director of the client services managers team, leading the strategic planning and executive of client engagements and guiding members' growth and development to enable them to create a flawless experience for all Senn Delaney clients.

Margee has also facilitated customized sessions for key engagements, helping clients achieve the business transformation they desire through deepening their understanding of the effectiveness of healthy, high-performance teams and organizations.

Clients she has worked with include: Atmos Energy, McDonald's, Pacific Bell, British Gas TransCo, Bristol-Myers Squibb, QVC, Southern California Gas Company, Hewlett Packard, Compaq, JP Morgan, Iglo Foods Group, Hertz, UK Power Networks, GlaxoSmith Kline, ConvaTec, Novartis and many more.

Margee joined Senn Delaney in 1991 and has served in a number of roles in client services management. She has made meaningful contributions in every role, and has been recognized with numerous company awards for her leadership, coaching and living Senn Delaney's values. In 2011 and 2012, she received the highest honor, the “Living the Values” award, recognition from Senn Delaney employees for living Senn Delaney values and exemplifying them in daily interactions.

Margee enjoys living in Long Beach with her husband and spending time with their two grown sons and their grandson. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, gardening and challenging herself to learn new hobbies.

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