“I am grateful for the opportunity to support others and, thereby, myself in the process of increasing self-awareness, strengthening motivation for change and improving well-being.”

Lewis Fulwiler

Senior Consultant

As an experienced manager and coach, Lewis believes that you cannot fix a problem you do not see. He enjoys guiding participants to individual insights; enabling them to challenge their beliefs, see things differently and choose more effective behaviors. He is deeply committed to creating an environment where harmony and trust can more easily take root, leading to a thriving culture where each individual can succeed and excel.

Lewis has been a Senn Delaney consultant since 1995. He supports cultural transformation by leading unfreezing and reinforcement sessions with intact client teams, as well as coaching internal change leaders to become highly competent in shaping their own organizational cultures. He has had successful and often long-standing relationships with more than 15 Senn Delaney clients, including Pacific Bell, British Gas, Norfolk Southern, International Truck and Engine, JM Family Enterprise, Toyota, WellPoint, QVC and Nationwide Insurance.

Before joining Senn Delaney, Lewis was an independent consultant specializing in diversity management, change agent development, employment interviewing, equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment prevention education. Prior to that, he spent 25 years with Bell System in manager roles in customer service, public relations, procurement and human resources. He experienced the impact of a major culture shift when AT&T divested its regional operating companies and he became a manager of the newly formed Bell Atlantic. It was during this process that Lewis developed enthusiasm for helping others through dramatic culture shifts and became an internal facilitator of the Senn Delaney process.

Lewis is a graduate of Virginia Tech where he majored in business administration with a minor in psychology. He also completed the basic facilitator and group leader training courses at the Institute for Attitudinal Studies in Washington, DC.

Lewis is from Alexandria, Virginia, where he currently lives with his wife Cathy. They are empty nesters with their three adult children, Matthew, Ashley and Sarah living close by. He is thrilled to be a grandparent of three grandsons. His focus in life is family, friends and service to others. As a young man, he participated in the creation of a free health care community with Patch Adams, M.D. He also co-produced the medical documentary Sugar Madness with Lawrence Ostrow, M.D. Lewis has worked as a nursing assistant for Hospice of Northern Virginia and facilitated a weekly adult support group at the Institute for Attitudinal Studies.
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