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Dr. Gordon Gee, The Ohio State University President

Creating a model culture for the university of the 21st century

I was thrilled to be able to persuade Dr. Larry Senn and his team to focus on this massive university. Ohio State is the largest, most complex, most powerful university in the country but we were not using our size or our scope or our intellectual firepower to our best advantage.

We have operated as most massive institutions do: in an unconnected way without a common sense of purpose, values and structure. We needed to change the culture of the place. We cannot be 18 colleges connected by a heating plant. To realize our true potential, we must think and act as a unified, integrated, cohesive institution. It is not simply about creating one university in the way we operate and think and function. It is about creating the university as a leadership model for the wider world.

It has been a marriage made in heaven. The catalytic effect of this culture-changing process is already reaping benefits. I really had no idea that we would see such commitment and such change so early. It is one of the most significant actions I have been engaged with in my 30 years as a university president.

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