“My professional mission is to help leaders go fast by gaining the right mindset to be successful. Each organization has a different culture and unlocking the secret to success is a challenge. It is energizing and rewarding to help guide the process.”

meet Dennis

Dennis Alimena

Vice President

Dennis Alimena brings to his work guiding leaders in transformational culture change 29 years of business experience in start-ups, sales, culture shaping, organizational development, ERP execution, training, coaching and consulting positions. He has a personal mission of making a difference through leadership and relationship building.


Dennis was a vice president and senior consultant with Senn Delaney for 12 years until 2006, then rejoined the consulting team in 2011. With 15 years of experience in the international arena, Dennis has been instrumental in shaping, delivering and coaching worldwide leadership programs that impacted merging cultures, leadership development and strategic execution. 

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Early in his career, Dennis co-founded his own consulting firm focusing on teambuilding, communication and trust issues. His company was also involved in joint ventures in health care and marketing cardiovascular stress-testing programs. He has since worked with the boards of directors at Fortune 500 companies, trained facilitators to teach leadership for their executives, and has been recognized for his seminars on change and vision. Dennis has been recognized with a Congressional Leadership Award for his commitment to leadership and business growth.


He authored the book, The Winning Mindset for Leadership: Unlocking your Potential in Business, Sports and Life, and founded CreativQuest, LLC, a leadership and culture formation firm that works with Fortune 500 clients to shape the leadership and culture needed to align their strategy, structure, technology and human capital. His second book, Harmonization, is aimed at challenging thinking to create more innovation in organizations.


Recently, Dennis worked as a partner in a diversity consulting firm to better create inclusive leadership efforts for clients. Diversity of thought and experience is a valued trait in productive teams and there are many tools and experiences to create that awareness. Well-traveled through India, Europe, and Asia, Dennis is always looking for a challenge.


Dennis received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Grove City College and a Master of Arts in counseling psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. He also holds a Ph.D. from Temple University in psycho-educational processes (the study of group dynamics).


Dennis and his wife live in Doylestown, PA, near Philadelphia. They have three grown children. Together they enjoy exploring the Pacific Northwest and have a second home in Bend, Oregon, where they enjoy fly fishing, skiing and hiking.

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