“The key to successful culture shaping is to get ownership at all levels, and to clearly and simply establish the link between organisational culture and business performance.”

meet David

David Cranage

Senior Consultant

Many years of experience of working with the human aspects of organizations have led David to believe that a key source of competitive advantage for businesses is their organizational culture. It is a factor that, unlike many others, cannot be easily replicated in a world of accelerating globalisation.

David joined Senn Delaney as a culture-shaping consultant in 1997. He has both managed and been involved in a wide range of culture-shaping projects with clients including London Electricity, Jaguar Cars, United Utilities, GlaxoSmithKline, Land Rover, Ford, T-Mobile International AG and Liverpool City Council.

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Prior to joining Senn Delaney, David worked for a major UK transmission and exploration energy company designing and delivering executive and management development programs. His specialist areas included business strategy, human resource strategy, leadership and team development, change management and the development of internal change agent and consultancy skills. He was a key member of a project team that implemented culture-shaping initiatives in an organization of 17,000 employees.

David is comfortable with working at all levels within organizations, from developing culture-change strategies with CEOs and their senior teams to working with operational and customer-facing employees. He is passionate about designing flexible interventions that suit the client's unique needs and then transferring the competencies of culture shaping to the client.

David lives near Stratford upon Avon with his wife and daughter. His interests include motor racing, history, the countryside, theater and music.
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