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culture shaping

why a healthy, high-performance culture matters

Every company has its own unique culture, defined by a collective set of values and habits that condition actions of people within the organization. Culture is essentially the written and unwritten rules of how people work with each other, customers and other stakeholders.


Cultures become ingrained over time as a response to the style and actions of an influential leader. An organization's culture plays a significant role in its ability to successfully execute strategic plans. Successful leaders shape their cultures instead of allowing their cultures to shape the company.



What is culture shaping?

Culture shaping is a methodical, comprehensive and integrated approach to shifting a company's culture from the top to the bottom. Building a healthy, high-performance culture involves changing the behaviors of the individuals and teams that make up the organization. Cultural transformation requires personal transformation as its foundation.


Why does a culture need to be shaped?

Leaders who have worked with us to systematically shape their cultures have a strong understanding that creating a thriving, high-performance culture aligned with their company's mission, vision and values is not the “soft stuff”, but is a vital strategy for success in and of itself. There are many demonstrated benefits that translate into measurable, sustainable improved performance.


Why does shaping a culture require a well coordinated, integrated approach? 

Shaping a culture is a journey, not an event. The process requires an integrated approach that must begin at the top of the organization and be embedded throughout the entire company. Most leaders who try to shape the culture on their own don't succeed. However, if done correctly, shaping a culture can be very successful, positive, rewarding and stimulating process.


 Watch a video explaining the four principles of successful culture change


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