Lead from Alignment

While culture is critical to business performance and strategy execution, it is not the proverbial “silver bullet.” Culture works in concert with the business strategy and operations. How they work together is key to understanding and driving sustainable performance.

Establish the means for people to work. They include systems, operating and reporting structures, policies, practices and processes to manage an organization‘s resources and talent.

Defines the environment in which strategy is executed. It is the “invisible hand” that guides how people interact- the values, thinking, beliefs, habits and behaviors that influence how people work.

Provides direction for the organization, defining what the company will and won‘t do. It articulates how a company will adapt to external dynamics and position itself in the broader market and world.

Lead from Alignment
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Aligning Strategy, Structure and Culture

Senn Delaney Partner
Bill Parsons

discusses why culture, strategy and structure must align.

Just as a healthy, high-performance culture can improve performance and provide the strongest competitive advantage, organizations that do not re-align their culture in times of change experience a drag on performance that we call “The Jaws of Culture.”

Signs that your culture needs to shift

Some of the greatest problems your company is experiencing may stem from an unhealthy culture. A culture shift is needed if your company is experiencing any of these common situations.

  • Poor alignment
    There is a new CEO and or a newly configured team at the top that needs to align and improve how we work together and lead the culture in the right direction.
  • Disruptive change
    Business conditions, customer needs and technology have shifted dramatically. We are losing ground to competitors. There is a need to increase organizational agility to be more innovative and position ourselves ahead of the curve for future success.
  • Failure to execute
    We have a strong strategy but we‘re not executing it well and getting the results we need. We need to shift our values and guiding behaviors to do that, and align the entire company around them.
  • Culture clash
    We have gone through or are about to go through a major merger or acquisition. We need to come together as one team with one culture to avoid the culture clash and get the most synergy.
  • Resistance to change
    There is major restructuring. New organization-wide systems and processes are changing everything.People seem resistant to change. We need to get everyone on board and aligned.
  • Underperformance
    We are underperforming and growth has stalled. People are disengaged and top talent is leaving. We are in the blame and victim mode. We need to reinvigorate the culture and instill a feeling of winning again.
  • Turf wars
    We have a lot of business lines and teams that aren‘t working together as well as we need to be. Siloes and turf issues keep us from performing as one team.
  • Inward thinking
    We talk a lot about customer service, but we don‘t really live up to the hype. We need to step up our customer focus and improve our customer satisfaction ratings to support top-line growth.

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