Choosing the right
culture-shaping partner

Culture shaping will change the very way your leaders, teams and the organization work together. Unless it is treated as a key strategy and a long-term journey, it is highly likely to end up being another failed and forgotten program. A key to success is choosing the right partner to guide your journey. As the oldest and most successful culture-shaping firm, Senn Delaney is uniquely qualified to serve your organization.

Clients choose us because they know culture change requires special expertise. More Fortune 500 and Global 1000 CEOs have chosen us as their trusted partner to guide their cultural transformation than any other management consulting firm.

Here is why:

Strategic Focus

Shaping culture has been our sole focus since we were founded 40 years ago. We have worked in more than 50 countries around the world and are able to deliver our work in ten languages.

Powerful Track Record

We have achieved exceptional results for more than 120 of the Fortune 500, starting at the CEO level of global organizations. Learn more about the results we have helped our clients create.

Comprehensive Culture-Shaping Methodology

We have finely tuned the four guiding principles that consistently and successfully drive culture transformation in organizations around the world. With these principles in play, the wind is at your back. If any are missing, your efforts will be sub-optimized. We can help you bring them alive in your organization.

Purposeful Leadership
Personal Change
Broad Engagement with Momentum and Critical Mass
Focused Sustainability
Senn Delaney Founder and Chairman Larry Senn

discusses the four key principles leaders must focus on to successfully transform organizational culture.

Our Proven, Repeatable, Scalable Model

Culture change starts with the CEO and senior team, but it doesn‘t end there. It takes a sustained effort to engage the culture broadly and embed it into the DNA. We can scale our process flexibly from CEO to front lines anywhere in the world through a unique combination of consulting, training and technology.

Our Team of Culture Experts

Our consultants have decades of experience working with CEOs and executive teams as strategic partners. As former CEOs, CAOs, CIOs and SVPs of HR, they understand the need to align your culture to your business strategy to achieve powerful, lasting results.

Learn more about our client results