Change Culture. Drive Results.

Every organization needs a
culture strategy. Are you working on yours?

We can help you define, align and scale the culture
that will drive organizational results.

Most leaders know that a high-performance culture:

  • enhances customer experience and employee engagement at all levels
  • brings values to life across the organization
  • drives faster achievement of your business initiatives

Transforming cultures,
enabling strategy

We positively impact the world by inspiring leaders to create thriving organizational cultures. We partner with the world‘s most recognizable companies to create healthy, high-performance cultures that create a distinct competitive advantage. It has been our sole focus since 1978.

Common business situations we address

Shifting culture takes
special expertise and focus

Dr. Larry Senn Founder and Chairman

describes why Senn Delaney is uniquely qualified to help organizations shape their cultures.

If you needed brain surgery, would you choose a general surgeon to do it? Shaping organizational culture may not be medical science, but it is a complex, specialized process that requires experts with a proven approach and track record of success to help you succeed.

We positively impact the world by inspiring leaders to create thriving organizational cultures.

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Some say cultures can‘t be shaped. Or that change is fleeting. We know better. Successful leaders shape their cultures instead of allowing their cultures to shape the company.

Culture shaping is a big commitment. Leaders, teams, and organizations have to go all in to do it right and make it stick. Being intentional and strategic about driving the culture you want and need can change the behaviors and mindset of your leaders, teams and the organization and create a huge competitive advantage. Done poorly, it can end up being yet another failed improvement program. It all begins with the right culture-shaping firm.

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