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WellPoint, Inc.

Former CEO Larry Glasscock

Creating a one-company culture of innovation following a merger

It is considered to be one of the most successful mega-mergers of equals in the United States to date. The union of WellPoint Health Networks and Anthem, Inc. created the largest health insurance company in the nation. When so many mergers fail or don't realize their expected potential, the WellPoint-Anthem merger was a success in large part because of the culture integration work done by the culture shaping firm Senn Delaney.

"Senn Delaney helped us to successfully create a new, customer-focused culture of innovation. We are able to introduce products more consistently and quickly because we have a strategy around the customer segment that is consistent across the enterprise. We were able to make this major organizational shift with tremendous buy-in across the company because we are aligned on what our core values are." — Larry Glasscock, former Chairman and CEO, WellPoint, Inc.

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