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Staffordshire County Council

Former CEO Ron Hilton

Shifting a ponderous organization to agility and accountability

With more than 30,900 employees, Staffordshire County Council is one of the largest local government bodies in England, providing a host of public services. Budget restraints made it necessary to reform and modernize the council from a ponderous, slow-moving and overly bureaucratic council to one that is high-performing, customer focused and innovative.

“Staffordshire County Council was a large, very safe, very solid, but very slow and ponderous organization. Senn Delaney partnered with the council leaders to create a high-performance culture. We were very clear on what we had to do. In doing so, performance has shot through the roof. For the third year, our revenue accounts will balance. On the capital investment side, we've probably tripled the size of our program delivery.” — Ron Hilton, former chief executive, Staffordshire County Council

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