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First Horizon National Corporation

CEO Bryan Jordan

Creating an agile culture to succeed in a rapidly changing environment

Bryan Jordan became president and chief executive officer of First Horizon National Corporation on Sept. 1, 2008. Within months, the economic crisis struck the financial services industry with a fury. As a result, there was a near complete turnover of the executive management, followed by two years of painful downsizing to fewer than 5,000 full-time employees, and winding down of the national mortgage lending and commercial real estate businesses. Jordan understood that to rebuild and shift strategic focus for the future, the company leadership would need to immediately re-examine the long-established "Firstpower" culture and make needed shifts to respond to an environment was rapidly changing internally as well as externally.

"The culture has been one of the hallmark strengths of First Horizon and First Tennessee, and I think our team was able to maintain that strength in a period of significant change. Our core companies have done very well. They've been strong and getting stronger. That shows up in our customer satisfaction data, both our internal and our external surveying, and it shows up in the anecdotes that we get, the experiences around the organization." — Bryan Jordan, president and CEO, First Horizon National Corporation
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