Brian Reger

Senior Vice President, Measurement

A fascination for understanding human behavior through informed quantitative and qualitative research has been a strong driver throughout Brian Reger's long career. As senior vice president, Measurement at Senn Delaney, he finds it very rewarding to provide leadership teams with the voice of their employees, enabling them to understand the real rather than perceived cultural dynamics of the organization and make better decisions that in turn will shift the culture in the right direction.

Brian began his career establishing a marketing research group for a small company, then joined another firm where he created a large marketing and public affairs research group with more than 130 direct reports providing a wide range of research, from political to consumer. He has designed key corporate reputation tracking measures in the telecommunications industry, has been heavily involved in measurement within the utility, manufacturing and financial industries and has global consulting experience, having worked with clients in the U.S., Europe and Canada.

At Senn Delaney, Brian has measured and assessed work cultures for over a decade. He has overseen development and implementation of proprietary survey tools that have been administered to hundreds of thousands of employees with a primary focus on the human principles that guide organizations to create sustainable high performance and improve strategic results.

Brian is an expert in all aspects of measurement, from survey design, methodology and implementation to reporting and analysis, to analytical methodology. He has extensive experience in research design and in the analytical methods used to capture the voice of employees by reducing vast amounts of data into nuggets of prioritized, actionable information. This data is used throughout the Senn Delaney culture-shaping DURAM process.

That broad experience gives Brian a unique methodology to offer clients a clear picture of the core motivational issues a company is experiencing, and what is behind those issues, informed by quantitative and qualitative data, in order to determine an appropriate action plan for change.

Brian is currently leading Senn Delaney's efforts to grow a normative global database of companies that have been through a culture-shaping engagement and the associated measurement surveys that are part of the culture-shaping methodology. The database provides broad opportunities to conduct ad hoc studies on employee engagement and other cultural drivers of performance. It is used to help companies to understand how their leaders, teams and the organization compare on pleasure and pain points and other data against benchmarks of companies and industries. The database can be utilized to study industries and business trends and position Senn Delaney as an influencer and thought leader in organizational data analysis.

Brian worked with Senn Delaney and three prominent U.S. business schools on a study in 2007 done to understand how leaders and managers viewed this economic crisis, the perceived impact on business and what people need from leaders today. Senn Delaney also sought to discover whether leaders were experiencing and reacting to the crisis differently if they were operating from a high-thriving or lower-thriving state of mind. The study proved that high thrivers perform better and achieve better results, even in times of crisis. From that study, Brian led the creation of Senn Delaney's Thriving Index™. This enables Senn Delaney to measure levels of thriving, based on the integration and balance of three psychological principles of vitality, learning mindset and purpose and direction as well as traditional organizational metrics, high-performance behaviors and individual motivational metrics. Brian is currently working on another corporate study with prominent U.S. business schools that measures organizational agility and innovation.

Brian holds a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing-Marketing Research from the Jacobs Management Center at the State University of New York at Buffalo and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Marquette University.
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