Mike Marino became president and CEO of Senn Delaney effective Jan. 1, 2017.

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A new report by Raconteur, The Future CEO Special Report, examines the changing role of the CEO. Dustin Seale, Senn Delaney Managing Partner EMEA, is among experts and CEOs weighing in on the importance of culture, Good company culture boosts business.

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Our latest books on improving organizational culture and performance effectiveness.

What enables certain companies to drive growth faster than others? What leadership characteristics allow them to succeed and outpace and outperform competitors? These questions have long been the subject of speculation and volumes of thought leadership from management experts. Too often, advice about leadership performance and organization behavior is given with a big dollop of soft and a side order of warm and fuzzy.


No longer. Accelerating Performance takes organizational behavior beyond speculation into the realm of science. Written by Colin Price, one of the authors of Beyond Performance, and Sharon Toye, this book draws on empirical research and decades of experience advising global companies to demonstrate how to reduce time to value by building and changing momentum more quickly than your competitors.


A practical, comprehensive, data-driven action plan for increase pace and achieving more, Accelerating Performance provides an actionable playbook for CEOs and senior executives for driving to value faster at four levels: strategy, the organization, teams, and individual. A strategic META framework (short for Mobilize, Execute, and Transform with Agility) guides executives to boost the metabolic rate of their teams and organizations.


The practical, time-tested concepts Winning Teams, Winning Cultures by Senn Delaney Founder and Chairman Dr. Larry Senn and Jim Hart, former CEO and president, will provide you and your organization  with benefits on three levels: personal, team and organizational.


 You will be introduced to a set of universal principles of leadership and life effectiveness that will help you personally be at your best more of the time. Next, you learn how to be a better team leader and team player by gaining an understanding of the eight characteristics of a winning team.


Finally, you will learn a proven process to create a winning culture for your group or your overall organization that ensures long-term success and a fully engaged workforce. These ideas and principals have been used to create healthy, high-performance cultures and create a distint competitive advantage by more than one hundred of the Global 1000 CEOs around the world, and by thousands of companies. 

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