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client quote

Bob Best, Atmos Energy executive chairman, former CEO

AtmoSpirit culture builds a strong foundation of success and long-term health

“You've got to create a great culture. That will help you be successful financially, and it will help you render better customer service, and it will help you be a safe company. Culture is really your foundation. Culture shaping is not a program, it's not a process, it's a way of life. We tie the AtmoSpirit principles in all of our training, our leadership training and our tactical training. You've got to hire well, you've got to train well, you've got to promote well and you've got to nurture the culture and create trust. I do think that creating the right foundation for your culture allows you to make changes as you need to make changes. [Working with Senn Delaney] has been a very important process to the long-term health and success of our company.”
Culture Drives Performance Image