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Senn Delaney
spring 2012

view from the top

Yum! Brands CEO David Novak has been named 2012 CEO of the year by Chief Executive magazine for his visionary leadership, company growth and performance and creating a culture of recognition. In this video, Novak describes how culture has been a key ingredient in the success of the fast-service food company. Senn Delaney Chairman Dr. Larry Senn also examines why Novak exemplifies a thriving leader and shares lessons for other CEOs.

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Watch recent webinar on why culture matters with Iglo case study
Senn Delaney's Charlie Coode and Tania Howarth, chief operating officer of Iglo Foods Group, share expert insights into how to effectively shape organizational culture to achieve better results. Howarth also shares a candid case study of how the market-leading frozen foods business in Europe's successful focus on culture accelerated its growth strategy and resulted in record financial performance in 2011. You can also listen to the presentation.
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Why David Novak is CEO of the Year: Portrait of a Thriving leader
Senn Delaney Chairman Dr. Larry Senn discusses the key traits of Thriving that Yum! Brands CEO David Novak exemplifies. "When we first began work with Yum! Brands some years ago, David asked us to help him build a global recognition culture. He has done that far better than most CEOs." The following article was adapted from Dr. Senn's column in the spring 2012 issue of The CEO Forum, a quarterly magazine for CEOs.
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news and events

New whitepaper: Why culture matters: learnings from an executive panel discussion
Does culture matter? Do HR leaders have a role in leading and transforming culture? Five senior leaders, including two CEOs, shared their perspectives on this topic during a recent panel discussion at the HR Roundtable 2012 in New York. This article recaps the panel discussion and key learnings.
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Sharpen you pool skills and meet our energy practice team at June EEI conference
Senn Delaney invites leaders attending the 2012 Edison Electric Institute annual convention June 3-6 in Orlando, Fla. to visit our energy practice team in the expo area called The Connection. We are hosting a pool table with a professional player to help tune up your game. Meet the team that has helped many energy companies to transform their cultures to improve performance, including Senn Delaney Partner and Executive Vice President Nick Neuhausel, our energy practice leader.

For more information and to connect at the meeting, please contact Ed Manfre at (562) 981-5977 or by email at

Learn more about how Senn Delaney is having a positive impact in the energy industry.

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What you can learn from Southwest Airlines' culture?
Southwest Airline's customer-focused culture has been widely written about and studied, and many competitors and other companies have tried unsuccessfully to recreate it. In this article, customer service speaker, strategist and author Micah Solomon writes that their secret sauce is not an easy recipe to copy because it requires a relentless focus on culture. "Leading a business today-- preparing a bright future for your organization and perhaps for the world -- needs to focus not just on nuts and bolts, techniques and standards, but on culture."
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Senn Delaney's London office has a new home
Senn Delaney's London office moved to a larger new location on May 11, 2012 in the South West London borough of Richmond upon Thames to better serve our clients.
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1-800-Flowers CEO discusses the importance of a customer-centric culture to the floral business's success
How well do your employees behave when no one is watching?  That is a good measure of how healthy your culture is, says Jim McCann, CEO of 1-800 In this CEO TV Show interview, McCann discusses the keys to the online floral business success, and counts the culture as a top reason. McCann makes the direct link to creating a Thriving, customer-centric culture and having a culture where employees care and are emotionally invested in the culture.
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The power of a noble purpose
Mike Marino, Senn Delaney partner and executive vice president, shares the story of how Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals grew from a small, little-known division of a global consumer products company to be a leader in the treatment of addiction through a strong focus on principles, core values, a higher noble purpose and intense patient focus. Click the SDTV icon to watch the video.

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