“I consider myself exceptionally lucky to work in a field I feel so passionately about, helping senior executives and their teams achieve outstanding business success and enabling individuals to feel a sense of fulfilment in healthy, high-performance cultures.”

meet Amy

Amy Turner


   Amy Turner has more than 25 years of experience leading businesses in achieving their strategies and goals through high-performance culture shaping. She is highly skilled at organiz ation design, strategy development, change management, team development, executive development and executive coaching. Amy's work is driven by a deep personal belief that creating a healthy, high-performance culture is critical to achieving business success and competitive advantage.
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Since joining Senn Delaney, Amy has provided consultancy support to and led a number of culture-shaping programs  with clients in a wide variety of private and public industry sectors, including GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Cardinal Health, Honda UK, Ford Dagenham, Shell, E.ON UK, T-Mobile International AG, PepsiCo International, Burger King, Veolia Environmental Services, Singapore Polytechnic, Staffordshire County Council, Rolls–Royce, Iglo Foods Group, Beckman Coulter, Eli Lilly, HB Fuller, Ohio State University, Saudi Telecom,  United Health Group and UK Power Networks.

She has many years' global experience leading major organisational change programs, including business re-engineering, operational excellence, HR re-engineering and culture-shaping programs.

Amy started her career as a human resources professional, where she developed a passion for all aspects of organizational design and development. She has held a number of senior leadership positions, supporting her organizations through two significant mergers and a series of acquisitions. The focus of her work in latter years was to help these organizations to deliver customer value in a sustainable way by focusing on the following five key elements:
  • a real understanding of the customer and all other key stakeholders
  • creation and nurturing of a high-performance culture
  • operation of efficient and effective business processes
  • understanding and effective use of practical Operational Excellence (improvement) tools
  • creating business success in a global environment through nurturing both a global and local mindset

Amy obtained a  bachelor of science degree in managerial and administrative studies from the University of Aston, Birmingham, UK.

She lives near London and devotes much of her leisure time to her family. Amy enjoys all outdoor pursuits, especially mountain biking, skiing, scuba diving and motor biking.

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