“Life brings its greatest satisfaction when one is fully engaged.”

Tom Halupnik

Senior Consultant

Tom Halupnik joined Senn Delaney as a senior consultant in 2013 after he developed a passion for improving organizational and individual performance through culture shaping in his role as commercial banking learning manager at First Tennessee Bank, a Senn Delaney client.

Tom seeks in his work with clients to fulfill his purpose of stimulating others to become more fully engaged and better at what they choose to do. He challenges others to do what's right rather than what's easy.

As an adept trainer, facilitator and culture session leader at First Tennessee, Tom challenged colleagues' thinking in unfreezing, then reshaping the culture. He found that reinforcing the changed behaviors and practices brought enduring value to the organization over a three-year span. He was part of a change champion team that he believes played an important role in the company's ability to emerge from the financially difficult recession earlier and as a stronger competitor than its peers. People across the organization consistently demonstrate an even more client-centered focus matched by an equally strong commitment to support each other professionally and personally.

He values the opportunity and takes great satisfaction from working with clients to shape a more effective culture that fosters high expectations, more frequent productive interaction, spontaneous appreciation and shared results. Through his culture-shaping work, he has come to recognize that organizations achieve their best results when the people that give the organization life genuinely share a purpose and a vision of success. Clients are more satisfied, projects move to completion more readily, and employees find themselves more fulfilled.

Tom has served as a productive line officer and effective leader in multiple arenas in the financial services industry. In his most recent role as commercial banking learning manager at First Tennessee Bank, he collaborated with line-of-business executive leaders to establish job specific and leadership competency models used to implement tailored development plans for commercial bankers.

Prior to his time with First Tennessee, Tom supported two major regional bank mergers with sharply contrasting cultures. He understands first-hand the value of a deliberate approach to merging cultures at the beginning of the integration, even before working through the technological, product and service conversions. Conscientious culture shaping plays a significant role in the long-term success of the combined company.

A retired Army Reserve officer, Tom also served as a non-commissioned officer in a career marked by effective service in several leadership roles and as a Command and General Staff Officer College instructor.

Tom considers his Midwest family farm upbringing in a small-town environment an important component of his education. The discipline, work ethic and sensitivity to others he developed there have been major influences on his life and career. Proud to be the first generation of his family to graduate from college, he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting from the University of Iowa.

Tom and his wife Cindy live in Germantown, Tennessee, a Memphis suburb. They enjoy living close to their firefighter/paramedic son Brad, his wife Jaime, an ER nurse, and being an important part of their grandchildren's lives. He is “proud to be a Hawkeye”, serves on the local IOWA Club board and pulls for the Big Ten.
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