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The Corporate Lab®

Rapid solutions to persistent problems



Is your organization struggling to innovate and adapt to changing market dynamics? Do you find yourself solving for the same challenges over and over? Are inefficient processes robbing your profitability? Even the best companies struggle to dramatically accelerate, align, and execute across the organization. Despite huge investment in change management strategies, up to 70 percent of initiatives still fail or fall short of goals.Why? Because applying the same thinking gets the same results. It all comes down to overcoming outdated thinking and resistance to change to create what business needs most today: innovation and agility.


Heidrick & Struggles helps clients overcomes these classic obstacles with a proven and novel rapid change process The Corporate Lab® helps companies tackle their toughest and often most complex challenges: reducing product development time, preparing for a digital transformation, optimizing the customer experience, or another lofty goal. The Corporate Lab® is an approach to problem-solving and innovation that inspires a mindset shift at all levels of the organization to enable clients to achieve execution excellence as a core competence.


The Corporate Lab® approach

  • Focus on an ambitious, seemingly unachievable goal that will be a game changer for your business.
  • Immerse a cross-functional team in a two-day experiential Lab that leads a model company through a three-year business transformation.
  • Apply the knowledge, thinking, techniques and methods to blue chip challenges, and work with a dedicated expert for 30 days to deliver a pilot solution.
  • Embed the new competencies in your organization through a licensing and training approach that can scale problem-solving skills for other business challenges.
Outcomes clients experience
  • deliver operational and cultural improvements swiftly
  • get everyone to think like an owner
  • create a desire to win across the organization
  • generate passion and energy
  • pull change throughout the organization and delivering results


Case study: Giving frontline employees a voice in change


Case study: The case of the missing french fries


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