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Dominique Leroy, CEO, Proximus

Creating a growth mindset to make Proximus fit for growth

"The key objective was to return the company to growth. But we also needed to transform the company to make sure that we could unleash this growth. I had been able to work with Senn Delaney in my previous job at Unilever. I thought if we could only unleash the power of all this talent at Proximus in one way with one vision and a good collaborative spirit, we could get much more results out of the company."


"Having a culture with the values of collaboration, agility and accountability, together with a clear purpose, helps people to make the right tradeoffs on a collective basis. You really see the dynamic changing in the company because the learning and growth becomes concrete, anchored in the success of the company."


"In the end, we are not doing things that are very different from our competitors. We’re investing, we’re transforming and we’re cutting costs. But why are we successful so far while others are not? I think it’s about the soft issues. It’s about changing the mindset of the people. What made the difference was the Good to Gold culture. This was the glue that enabled us to bring all these transformational elements together."





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