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Senn Delaney
Winter 2017

Beyond diversity to inclusion

In our latest leadership podcast, David Casey, vice president of workforce strategies and chief diversity officer at CVS Health, discusses the distinction between diversity and inclusion and describes how he built a level of trust with senior leaders and used culture-shaping principles to shape CVS Health’s efforts in developing an inclusive company culture.

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Thought paper
Leadership lessons in how to change hearts and minds
  In this publication, we explore the connections between the disruptions that roiled Shakespeare’s time—and featured so prominently in his work—and their modern equivalents in both the C-suite and boardroom. Examining four key protagonists of the bard's plays can yield timeless insights about how to manage culture change in an organization.      
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Find your place on the culture continuum
 By getting a clear view of the existing company culture, senior leaders can better articulate what their culture could be, identify immediate areas of focus, and continue to shape the culture to achieve the desired results. Start by finding where your company sits on the culture continuum, a series of common transitional phases, or levels, that we’ve found represent important inflection points.  
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news, events and insights

Podcast: Finding a way through ambiguity to agility
How are attitudes to change management evolving? How can businesses improve agility? What key skills will they need in the future? Colin Price, EVP and managing partner, Leadership Consulting at   Heidrick & Struggles, shares insights into these questions in a Changeboard future talent podcast.
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Getting past old thinking and behaviors
What can companies and other institutions do to overcome an aversion to change? One successful approach relies on frontline employees as instruments of change. A frontline team is most likely to have the best grasp of a problem facing a company. The following case study, adapted from a real-world example, shows how a frontline team—given the opportunity to look at a situation with fresh eyes—addressed a costly throughput and quality-control issue.
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Grant Thornton's culture journey
    Grant Thornton's CEO Mike McGuire has led a culture transformation  that has given the tax, auditing and advisory firm a strong competitive advantage. The annual report  showcases the powerful results of the culture change, from increased retention and client satisfaction to improved revenue. McGuire describes in a video why the culture matters so much to its 8,000 employees and clients.
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Cultivate a culture that nips hubris in the bud
Hubris can be very damaging to companies, especially when CEOs suffer from extreme self-confidence. Heidrick & Struggles' partners Sharon Toy and Jonathan Mackey offer practical insights on managing this acquired trait in a recent article on strategy+business. 
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Takeaways from 2017 Ultimate Culture Conference
An executive shares her takeaways from the recent 2017 Ultimate Culture Conference. Expert insights shared at the conference included understanding the difference between climate from culture  ,   evolving the culture of management to facilitate humble leadership, practicing 'feedfo rward', and how culture drives performance.
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CEO on culture SDTV logo
Learn how culture transformation enabled patient and family-centered care delivery at a children's hospital.

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