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Robert Flexon, CEO, Dynegy

Restoring Dynegy back into the power generation elite

"I recognized we had to do financial restructuring – that was imminent. Operationally, we had to restructure the company as well, drive reliability of the assets, also getting the right people in the right spots to run the organization in the right way. And third but most importantly was the cultural restructuring that had to take place. We were just not going to be successful with the other two elements of restructuring, or it would be fleeting if the culture wasn't changed with it." 


"What I really liked about Senn Delaney is that there are a whole host of concepts that are easy to understand, easy to implement, very repeatable, very coachable. It was to me understandable and a way we could actually get this done. And have it make a difference."


"Everything around mistrust is gone. Turnover is way down and I think the ironic part of it all is that we've had quite a few people who left come back. We have proven through these turbulent times, particularly in Houston where it's an energy intensive economy, that we’ve been the stable one."


"We have outperformed all of our peer groups on share price performance – kind of the ultimate measure. Certainly, the success today has been driven by the culture that we've been working on and everything that we’ve been able to accomplish because we have developed a culture that is formulating around the kinds of things we want to do."


"A big difference today versus back then is that folks didn’t think we couldn't win. You don't hear that anymore. People know that we are out there to compete, we are out there to win, we are out there to be faster and better than everybody else."


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