How to change hearts and minds: Examining four key protagonists of Shakespeare's plays can yield timeless insights about how to manage culture change in an organization.

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By changing the mind-sets of its frontline staff, a Fortune 100 company was able to liberate itself from the shackles of information technology.

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Best of SDTV: CEO video series

Helpful insights from CEOs on leading organizational culture transformation

Proximus CEO Dominique Leroy discusses a culture transformation that is helping restore agility and growth at the Beligian telcoms giant.




CEO Robert Flexon discusses a culture refresh that helped restore Dynegy to an energy powerhouse.




Piedmont Natural Gas CEO Tom Skains describes the positive impact of creating a healthy, high-performance culture called Piedmont Pride.





Children's Hospital of Wisconsin health care system CEO Peggy Troy describes how culture is enabling execution of the Population Health patient-centered strategy. 





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