"Corporate culture determines if your strategies, initiatives and mergers will succeed or fail. All organizations have cultures. The only question is, does it shape you or do you shape it?"

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Larry E. Senn


Dr. Larry Senn is a pioneer in the field of corporate culture. He founded Senn Delaney (originally called Senn-Delaney Leadership Consulting Group) as a culture-shaping firm in 1978. It was a spinoff of Senn Delaney Management Consultants, a business process consulting firm. The challenge of implementing change in organizations led to Larry's interest in the power of the personality or habits of organizations to support or defeat initiatives. His vision from the beginning was to create a transformational process to assist CEOs and their own change leaders in creating healthy, high-performing cultures. Today, Senn Delaney is the oldest, most experienced organizational culture-shaping firm in the world.

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Larry's 1970 doctoral dissertation, Organizational Character as a Tool in the Analysis of Business Organizations, played a key role in Larry's journey. It was the first field study of corporate culture in America. Based on his principal finding that “organizations become shadows of their leaders,” Larry created Senn Delaney - the culture-shaping firm - to work with CEO teams and organizations from top to bottom to create the behaviors needed to support strategies and enhance business results.

Larry's vision and leadership for more than 30 years has helped Senn Delaney become an international firm that is widely recognized as the leading authority and practitioner in the field of culture shaping. Based on his early work, Larry was recently named “The father of corporate culture” by CEO Forum magazine.

In addition to his role as chairman, Larry actively works with clients on culture-shaping initiatives. He also guides Senn Delaney's product development team to continually improve offerings and services to enhance all aspects of the Senn Delaney culture-shaping methodology.

Larry has led culture-shaping engagements for the leaders of numerous organizations, including dozens of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, state governors, members of two U.S. president's cabinets, deans of business schools and the presidents of major universities. He has extensive experience working with top leaders in a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, retailing, insurance, financial services, consumer products, energy and health care. Larry is an accomplished consultant, business advisor, group facilitator, author and CEO coach.

Prior to founding Senn Delaney, Larry ran his own retail business in college, was a senior engineer in the aerospace industry and a faculty member at University of Southern California and University of California Los Angeles where he taught leadership. He was also an assistant coach of UCLA's championship gymnastics team.

Larry was a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year in Southern California. He and his wife Bernadette are active joggers and fitness enthusiasts and Larry is a triathlete. They have five children, three grown, one in the business school at USC and one still at home. Born and raised in the midwest, he now resides in Sunset Beach, California.


University of California, Los Angeles | Bachelor of Science, Engineering | Master of Business Administration, Management

University of Southern California | Doctorate in Management, Organizational Behavior 

Thought Leadership: Presentations, speaking engagements

As one of the world’s foremost experts on culture transformation, Dr. Larry Senn is often invited to give keynote presentations and lead panel discussions and roundtables on culture to CEOs and other C-level executives.


He is a member of the faculty of CultureUniversity.com and provides regular articles for the site on his insights from the field.


Larry’s presentations are engaging, thought provoking and geared to the top leaders in companies. His talks focus is on why culture matters, culture as a key competitive advantage, cultural agility, and culture and the role that purpose can play in organizational success. Often, he co-presents with a client leader to provide a compelling case study on culture transformation in action.


Recent presentations:


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2014 Global Retail Marketing Association Executive Leadership Forum: Winning Cultures and Exceptional Customer Experience



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Winning Teams – Winning Cultures: 2nd edition 2010

The Human Operating System – An Owners Manual, 5th edition: 2010

The Secret of a Winning Culture: 1999

In The Eye of the Storm – Reengineering Corporate Culture: 1996

21st Century Leadership – Dialogues with 100 Top Leaders: 1993

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